Keeping The Hope

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Art Courtesy of Pamela Shekailo.  To find out more about her Artwork, you can email her at

"After winter comes the summer.  After night comes the dawn.  And after every storm, there comes clear, open skies."  Samuel Rutherford 

What is hope?

Hope knows there are better times to come no matter what you might be going through right now.  Hope knows there is a process with each issue and in time, this too shall pass!

It?s no wonder people are losing hope with fear, gloom, and doom surrounding us on a daily basis.  The good news is, we have a choice, and we can choose to take it for what it is and focus on what we have.  This would lead us to the knowledge of looking forward to more hope. A life is a journey, and during that journey, we should give ourselves the opportunity to enjoy each baby step one at a time.  That is the beginning and once we start, the feeling can be uplifting. Yes, One day at a time with one step at a time.

What you will not find here is a quick fix and loads of hype.  What I want to do is encourage you to go on your journey of hope.  I care about you, and I think there has been too much suffering.  Let?s shift the balance and live a life of hope, joy, happiness, and enlightenment. 

Welcome and remember, keep the hope!